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    CheatingHookup Review: Things to Know Before Registering There
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    CheatingHookup Review: Things to Know Before Registering There

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    Many of those who heard about CheatingHookup.com are asking the same question: ‘Is this a legit service to find a hookup and casual sex affair so your spouse won’t know about it?’ You’d definitely find hot users who have amazing and sweet-looking profiles, but are all of them legit and actual people? In this review, we’re going to uncover the truth that lies deeper than most people think. Short answer: this CheatingHookup review proves that the service doesn’t stand the expectations for a person who wants to start the affair, but it definitely offers some opportunities that might entertain you for a while. The main pros and cons of this marriage affair dating service are indicated below, read them to get your own impression of this discreet solution

    Why CheatingHookup?








    • Registration is easy
    • Some people write you first
    • Friendly pricing
    • Scammers are present
    • Quirky interface
    • Empty profiles
    A Quick CheatingHookup Summary
    Overall, CheatingHookup is only partially worth your attention. We hope that this review was helpful to make the conclusion about the value of this service to you as a user. You should keep in mind that this service will be right for you only if having interest in hookup and casual one-night stands. Mainstream dating experience is not what people look at here. Another grain of salt is the payment experience we had with this service. After activating the trial with all those extra features, we didn’t expect the rebilling that happened after 3 days. That’s a lot of people who could get caught and lose money occasionally.

    How CheatingHookup Works

    cheatinghookup 1

    The service welcomes you with the start screen. At this point, other CheatingHookup reviews do not mention the description of the user journey that lays ahead of you. To join the service and find your perfect bed match for this evening, you’ll have to fill up several details. They’re pretty basic, and you’ve probably met the data like this on other dating sites. In order to keep your affair hidden from the world, you’ll have to provide the following details during registration:

    • The goal of your presence in this service
    • Your current location
    • Date of birth
    • Email address
    • Username
    • Password
    • Mobile phone number

    When you fill the fields asking for this data, you have to select the “I agree to the Terms and Conditions” button to keep your affair journey smooth as on Married-Dating.org. Whenever you’re ready to continue, press the Sign Up button to proceed to the second step of the registration.



    Once you’ve filled all the info in the first stage, CheatingHookup will provide you with the popup with congratulations. There, you’ll see your personal login information like Username and Password. You can further use these details for extra authentication. Also, the service will ask several pieces of info to complete your profile. You’ll have to provide an introduction title, introduction text, and describe the purpose of your search. You’ll also have to fill your age and so on on the side panel.  When you are ready to go to the final step, press the Continue button.




    Finally, you’ve completed all the registration steps. The final screen is what you’d see most of the time when searching for the new hookups. It includes the search page with users available nearby and open for quick relationships for one night. Notice that not all of the users are into hooking up here. There are also webcam models who will chat with you and show you what you ask for in case you make the donations. Other than that, you can select people to be shown to you with the Go button. 

    Design and Usability of CheatingHookup

    Unfortunately, we can’t give many points to the design language used in this hookup service. The obvious reason for that is because it looks largely outdated and lacking the features present on modern adult dating sites. We noticed the following flaws of the design that break down the usability majorly:

    • Too many porn advertisements
    • Very poor navigation that is limited in features
    • Profile grid is small, you’d be tired of scrolling without finding people who suit you
    • Mobile version doesn’t meet expectations of 2024

    However, the general experience would be still enough to browse this adult dating website. If you’re the user without too many expectations who still wants to get a hookup, then CheatingHookup is the minimum viable service for you. Here, you have all the chances of meeting women for one night stand without extra responsibility. 

    CheatingHookup Audience

    The audience of CheatingHookup is diverse, there are all sorts of people wishing to get into the marital affair. The number of users is distributed almost equally. The total number of men and women who use this service is 60 by 40 percent. Yes, there are more men wishing for a hookup when being in marriage, that’s a matter of fact. The site’s main argument of why people come to this website revolves around having sex for one night with no serious relationships involved. People don’t look for love here, and you can tell that by looking at their profiles. 


    Speaking of profiles, there are many of them that look disappointingly empty, and lacking any kind of soul. It means that most people either bounce off right after registration or want to keep their identity private when browsing the network. However, we want to focus your attention on another, most likely reason. The number of fraudsters is incredibly high on dating websites like this. That’s the great spot to blackmail people or lure sensitive information like credit cards of social profiles in other networks. You have to be discreet and keep your identity away from users who seem too polite to be true from the start.

    CheatingHookup Prices

    Speaking of CheatingHookup prices, we admit that there are several options that will suit most pockets. We’d like to highlight that the range of prices fluctuates, so finding the right one won’t be an issue for the most people. Let’s dive deeper into the price net available on CheatingHookup:


    Trial Membership

    • 3 Days. In this case, you get $1.95 to pay after the trial period lasting for several days ends. So, after the 3-day threshold, you’ll be charged with $1.95 unless you cancel the trial subscription. It seems tricky, and somewhat dishonest because not everyone reads terms and conditions of payments when submitting the credit card. 
    • 30 Days. The next payment milestone that will emerge if you don’t cancel the trial membership. It will cost you $39.95 during this period without canceling the trial. Important thing to notice is that the payment is recurring. It means that you’ll be billed every time when the period ends. 

    Premium Subscription

    • 1 Month. You pay $29.95 for one month
    • 3 Months. 3 months cost you $49.95
    • 6 Months. Half a year of CheatingHookup will cost you $69.90


    CheatingHookup Safety

    We’re going to answer the most thrilling question about this service: is CheatingHookup a safe service to use? We made some research to find out how things stand out on the safety level. One conclusion that came straight ahead without even a doubt was that there were plenty of scam gamblers here. There is a separate safety tips page that lists the recommended precautions to keep in mind when browsing pages of the service. Generally, we advise you to follow a few general rules of thumb not to get scammed instantly. When having a contact with suspicious people who are asking for any kind of sensitive data from you like credit card security code or links to your social profiles, then you probably should beware of those individuals who are likely to scam or blackmail you in the end. If any of that happens, and your guts tell you that something suspicious happens, then you have to report to the moderation team of CheatingHookup to punish the abusers. 


    What is CheatingHookup?

    CheatingHookup is the adult dating service for those looking for casual sexual experiences for a single night.

    Is CheatingHookup a Scam?

    As with the majority of hookup cheating websites, CheatingHookup is not an exception. You could be easily scammed and blackmailed if not being careful when contacting other users.

    Is CheatingHookup Safe?

    CheatingHookup is safe to use only if you follow the tips of confidentiality provided by this service on their help page.

    Who owns CheatingHookup?

    The owners of this website decided to remain anonymous and not show the company info on the main page.

    What security features does CheatingHookup have?

    Almost none security features are present there, apart from double registration and logging in afterwards. They also have payment data encryption protocols.

    Does CheatingHookup have a mobile app?

    No, the service only has mobile version without application.

    How do I delete my CheatingHookup account?

    You can do that on the support page in My Profile section by hitting Cancel My Account button.

    I started Married-Dating.org because I saw a need for a website that could help married people find dates. I wanted to create a safe and discreet way for people to connect and explore their desires.