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    Fuckbook Review 2024 – Does It Deliver Outstanding One-Night Stands?
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    Fuckbook Review 2024 – Does It Deliver Outstanding One-Night Stands?

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    Have you thought about changing your social presence on sites like Facebook into another social network that brings intimate benefits? Fuckbook.com is the Facebook in the world of hookup, at least that’s what the website creators promise. Short spoiler, this website has lost its past glory but not entirely. After 10+ years when Fuckbook first launched, the market segment of adult dating services has changed dramatically, and there are better players who offer more convenient interface, larger percent of verified users, and reduced accent on asking for cash from you. Read our detailed Fuckbook review to find more about this formerly popular dating service that has pros and cons.

    Why Fuckbook?








    • You can register in less than a minute
    • People can write a message to you first
    • Prices are not too steep
    • Strange interface, it’s not 2010 anymore
    • Bots and scam artists
    • Some of the profiles look awful
    Summary of Fuckbook
    Generally, the service has left us with a rather neutral impression after we tested it from all sides mentioned in this article. From one perspective, the service doesn’t deliver more than the majority of popular adult dating sites. You can send messages, watch videos from others, and agree to meet in your city on a purpose. From another perspective, there are petty flaws like bot traffic and some percent of users being blackmailers. The service also has not the freshest kind of design. Visual aesthetics is not the top feature that the service could deliver. Overall, we won’t give Snapsext a bad mark, neutral is what we come up with after the review. 

    How Does Fuckbook Work?

    fuckbook review

    The main screen of the website is the one you may have already seen in other Fuckbook reviews. It has a very bold interface that allows you to become a member and create your private account. First of all, Fuckbook asks for the following details and keeps them discreet:

    • Provide username that will not show what your real name is
    • Valid email to confirm your profile and make it legit
    • Provide your age, gender, and who would you like to match in the future

    After that, read the block with terms of use below registration fields. There, you’ll find info about where the data you provided will be transferred and how it can be used. Finally, hit the Sign Up button to start your affair journey to the planet of Fuckbook. 

    fuckbook review


    The next step of registration takes you to completing the looks of your future profile. You can upload the photo that will be shown on your profile. Choose your birthdate and choose at least 18+ years old. Important step, select your place of current geolocation correctly because based on that, the service shows people who are nearby and open for casual encounters. Write a few words about yourself to make people who see your profile interested in knowing you a bit better. After reading terms and conditions, pick two checkboxes, Privacy Policy and Terms of Use Agreement. Once done, you’re ready to use Fuckbook in the internal interface.


    fuckbook review


    However, before you can browse profiles and do your dirty chats with other users, you have to verify your profile address where the service message was sent after you completed the previous step. That’s what it takes to register at the website that looks close to Married-Dating.org. When you’re done, interesting things only begin to happen with you, and our review will focus on what’s the actual thing in the upcoming sections. 


    Fuckbook’s Design and Usability Deserve Your Attention?


    fuckbook review


    When talking about the design language implemented on Fuckbook, it’s definitely not in the pantheon of best married dating sites. Yet unsurprised, the website hasn’t received enough scores to be labeled as high-quality and modern one. This hookup service utilizes the design that has stuck in the past and has a really bold interface that looks like a demo-version of a website. Modern adult dating sites have gone far beyond what Fuckbook can offer. Among the discrepancies that make this dating site a mixed impression as a whole, we outline the following flaws:

    • Clunky interface with tons of white space that could be occupied with useful widgets
    • Mediocre navigation that lacks features of a modern adult dating site
    • Profile grid is like the one from 2008’s Facebook design
    • Mobile version looks worse than a full-fledge dating application

    Nevertheless, the overall user experience deserves a neutral quality mark. It’s clear how to chat with people and find them based on your taste. If you have extra expectations about amazing design and features like swiping, then you should look somewhere else. Fuckbook is the website for those who want to get a straightforward experience in adult dating with casual taste. 

    Who is the Core Audience of Fuckbook?


    Fuckbook’s audience has various angles, there are all kinds of people looking for casual sex here. Marital affairs have become extremely popular in 2020 because of the lockdown, and the number of users who are likely married (even females) has increased a lot. People probably can’t stand one another in one house for prolonged periods of time. The total number of users is almost 50/50 looking at gender. 


    There are either men and women who want the same here. The majority of men here are married, but the number of women who cheat on husbands also increases each month. The main user goal according to 2020 survey by Fuckbook is to have a one-night sex without responsibility for consequences. Also, more than 70 percent of users indicate that they do not want serious relationships at all in the near future. 


    There are many profiles that look fakish or just not having a photo or two. It sounds disappointing, but Fuckbook’s can be compared to a desert when writing to people first. Among 20+ messages that we sent to random people, only several texted back. Certainly, Fuckbook’s audience is nothing unusual when looking in a close detail. 

    Available Prices on Fuckbook

    When reading other reviews about Fuckbook, most people have a strong opinion that it’s a free service, but it’s not 100%. Many people are not satisfied that Fuckbook promotes themselves as a free service where you can do everything from the beginning. It’s not like that because Fuckbook wants you to pay for the extra features that make your communication with other users fully-fledged. Speaking about Fuckbook users who have just registered, there are several options for them:

    • Stay a FREE user. In this case, you have limited functionality. Namely, you can only create your profile, browse other people, and use the basic version of search
    • Monthly PRO membership. As stated by Fuckbook, this is the most popular pricing option. Speaking of cost, it’s around $29.95 per month with every 30-day billing happening to the card that you provide.
    • Quarterly PRO membership. Almost the same as a monthly subscription, but it’s billed through a different time period. The price for each month is dropped to $14.95 but it’s billed for the three consecutive months every 90 days. In total. You get $44.85 to pay for each 3 months. 

    How to Keep Up Safety on Fuckbook?

    Safety on Fuckbook is one of the weakest points of the service. If not being careful enough with the personal data you display on this service, you can easily get scammed or blackmailed. There is also no dedicated client support here to deal with abusers, and that’s a huge minus. Generally, this service is not recommended for the first-timers in adult dating because there are so many caveats here. However, we can point at several ways of keeping up safety on Fuckbook.

    • When receiving suspicious messages that tempt you to give the personal data to the unknown parties, block or mark those people as spam because they mean no good to you
    • Never send sensitive credit card data to the people who ask for it no matter the reason
    • Don’t display your real name, place of residence, or family details because those are the good opportunities for the scammers to track you in the real life

    Fuckbook: Final Verdict

    Overall, the service has left us with mixed impressions. On the one hand, you can use it like any other adult dating site, write messages, and get intimate opportunities in your city. On the other hand, there are childish flaws that point at outdated nature of the service and quality. You won’t find help from support here or visually pleasing interface. It all just looks like it lacks integrity in 2020. We won’t label Fuckbook as a bad service by all means, but we also cannot recommend it like the one that works the best for the majority of people.


    What is Fuckbook?

    Fuckbook is the online dating site with the focus on the adult audience and services

    How much does Fuckbook cost?

    Monthly PRO membership costs around $29.95 per month, while quarterly PRO membership is $44.85 to pay for each 3 months. 

    Is Fuckbook a Scam?

    So far, Fuckbook isn’t the service created on the scam basis. It only has scam threats inside to the regular users who are not careful

    Is Fuckbook Safe?

    Fuckbook is safe only when you behave according to the security rules we outlined previously in the article

    Who owns Fuckbook?

    Currently, there are no obvious indications about service owners in the main website page

    What security features does Fuckbook have?

    So far, we noticed email double opt-in, password recovery, and account deleting features

    Does Fuckbook have a mobile app?

    No, the service hasn’t introduced Android or iOS mobile apps

    How do I delete my Fuckbook account?

    Go to Fuckbook.com. Open Account tab in your profile settings. Enter your password and press the Delete My Account button.

    I started Married-Dating.org because I saw a need for a website that could help married people find dates. I wanted to create a safe and discreet way for people to connect and explore their desires.