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    Marital Affair Review 2024: The Best Option for Discreet Dating?
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    Marital Affair Review 2024: The Best Option for Discreet Dating?

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    Marital Affair by Venntro Media Group Ltd is a dating platform where you can start a discreet extramarital relationship. The service is dedicated to the United States, the UK, Australia, Canada, and South Africa users.
    Before you get to our Marital Affair review, read our condensed summary of the pros and cons of this service below.

    Why Marital Affair?








    • Reliable security measures
    • Affordable subscription
    • Convenient dashboard
    • Small audience
    • Limited payment options
    • No contact form to reach customer support
    Marital Affair Overview
    In many aspects, Marital Affair is a convenient and useful platform. Due to reliable data protection measures, your identity will remain private, which is crucial if you need to keep your affair discreet. It offers a convenient interface and multiple communication features. The rest is pretty average. This platform does not host as many profiles as other hookup services. That is why your choice will be limited to a thousand members on average. Still, you can find an extramarital partner for regular sex pretty quickly. If it is what you are looking for on this platform, this service will satisfy you.

    How does Marital Affair work?

    The service features a pretty informative website where you can read about its safety measures and entertainment features. But to browse its members, you should set up and account. Let us go through the registration process that requires you to make the following steps:

    1. Visit MaritalAffair.com, include who you will be dating in the right sidebar and press the red Next button.married secrets
    2. After that, the nice-looking avatar girl will suggest you choose a nickname. She will “assist” you through the registration process.marriedsecrets
    3. The sign-up items will include your birthdate, email address, and password for the Marital Affair account. After that, you will have to accept the terms of use, cookie policy, and agree to mailouts.marriedsecrets com
    4. Go to your inbox and follow the verification link from Marital Affair to activate your membership.married secrets review
    5. Your sign-up is complete. You can now use the services to the fullest.

    All in all, the registration process is relatively simple. It will take no more than a couple of minutes. Let us now proceed to your dashboard.

    Marital Affair Control Panel

    Right from the start, you will see a user-friendly interface with understandable navigation. In the upper bar, you can proceed to statistics, messages, profile settings, and service features. The stationary lower bar also features statistics on your activity and chats, which is convenient. You will always be able to track your activity while browsing different website pages.

    marriedsecrets review

    The Account section on the right upper side of the control panel features your membership status, account setting such as notifications, email and password, account history, and current balance. You can see the most popular profiles in the center of the dashboard and scroll down for more members.

    Generally, the dashboard is pretty convenient and straightforward without popping ads.

    To benefit from this service to the most, you should include some photos and complete your profile. Get familiar with these specifics below:

    Marital Affair Profile

    To adjust your profile, go to the corresponding section in the upper bar.

    marriedsecrets com review

    To write your personality description and add info about your hobbies and physical characteristics, click on the Edit buttons next to the corresponding sections.

    married secrets reviews


    The good thing is that Marital Affair will give you recommendations and examples for completing the About You section. It is helpful in cases when you get stuck with self-description. The Characteristics and Interests section consists of items about your appearance, hobbies, and the relationship you are looking for on this platform.

    marriedsecrets reviews

    Marital Affair does not place any restrictions on visual content. It helps users express their sexual preferences and fantasies without any limitations.

    Searching for Members

    To initiate a website search, proceed to the Search section in the upper bar of your dashboard.


    marriedsecrets com reviews


    Besides location and age adjustments, you can also filter users by:

    • Body type
    • Ethnicity
    • Favorite sex position
    • Eye and hair features
    • Marital status
    • Whether a sex partner shaves their body and uses contraception.
    • Interest
    • Whether your partner has piercing or not

    All of the filters have several items to choose from, making your search more precise and detailed. Another good thing about Marital Affair Search is that you can adjust the exact location to meet a person within 20 kilometers.

    The displayed search results are based on user information. Since not all members include this info, you may not get the full range of profiles with the desired characteristics.


    married secrets dating


    Communication Features

    On this platform, you can exchange messages with other members, proceed to webcam shows, and have fun with sexy models. To get maximum attention, you should add photos and complete all the questionnaires. As you see, they directly influence your visibility.

    Live Cams

    Marital Affair provides you with access to a partner webcam service. Follow the Live Cams link in the upper bar of your dashboard to get to Camonster, a webcam broadcast service.


    married secrets dating


    To watch broadcasts of beautiful models, you can remain unregistered. But if you want to chat with a model or enter a private conversation, you should set up an account.


    marriedsecrets dating



    There is a funny Encounters matching system. It works the following way:

    • You can accept or reject a recommended profile.
    • If you accept the person, they will appear in the Who You Want to Meet section.
    • If you reject the person, you will be able to select the next one.
    • When someone likes you, you will see it in Who Wants to Meet You.
    • If sympathy is mutual, you will see the result in the Matched section.


    marriedsecrets com dating



    Marital Affair Diaries is an exciting feature that allows you to share your experience on this platform publicly. Users add notes, express their wishes, and ask out other members to have some fun. You can start your dating diary to get better visibility and meet your sex partner even faster.


    married secrets


    On-The-Go Affairs

    While Marital Affair does not feature a mobile application, you can use the fully-functional mobile version of the website. Log in to your account using a mobile browser of your tablet or smartphone. Make sure you have a fast internet connection to enjoy discreet affairs on the go. It allows you to benefit from the same features as if you accessed Marital Affair via your desktop browser

    Customer Service

    On the Marital Affair platform, you can visit the Help section to get familiar with the service’s instructions. Marital Affair claims you can contact the support team in the Help or Support sections of your dashboard.

    However, you will not see any contact form. There is only a FAQ section. At the same time, customer support will send you occasional emails to the address associated with your account. Again, there is no way you can contact it because your emails will not be delivered.




    Although the FAQ section is informative, you cannot reach the support team. That is why customer support is a big flaw here.

    Who uses Marital Affair?

    The profiles on this platform are much more attractive in contrast to other hookup sites. However, the audience is too small. With default search criteria, you can only see about 900 profiles of the opposite gender. Another inconvenience is that you need to contact the support team to change your sexual orientation. And this platform will not be suitable for bisexuals since you cannot browse people of both genders simultaneously. Therefore, you will mostly meet either straight or gay and lesbian people on this platform.

    Fake Photos

    Marital Affair members feature quite attractive photos. At the same time, you can easily find some of their pictures on the internet, which can speak of fake profiles. It may not mean a person is 100% false, but there is a high chance they can be.


    married secrets fake


    marriedsecrets fake


    marriedsecrets com fake

    Quality of Profile Descriptions

    While the majority of Marital Affair members add descriptions and complete surveys, you can meet users with empty profiles. As we mentioned before, it makes search results approximate even with applied filters.

    What is the cost of membership at Marital Affair?

    The default membership is free. You can upgrade it to premium by purchasing one of the subscription plans:

    • One month of services at $54.95
    • Three months at $114.95
    • Six months at $164.95
    • One year of services at $274.95


    married secrets prices


    Only Premium members can send, open messages, and view all profile photos. Here are other features that are only available to paid users:

    • Additional visibility and notification features.
    • Functional diaries.
    • Multiple profile photos.


    There are two additional features you can buy separately from your subscription:

    • VIP status at $4.99 per month. It allows you to get a better rank in search results.
    • Email notifications on the time your messages have been opened at $4.99 per month.


    With premium membership, you receive credits to spend them on virtual gifts for users.

    Payment Options

    The range of payment options is limited. You can purchase a subscription using your credit or debit card. Visa, MasterCard, and Electron are the only available options. No PayPal, no Paysafecards or gift cards are supported.


    married secrets prices


    How safe is Marital Affair?

    Marital Affair uses several data protection measures to ensure any sensitive data is kept private and secure. Any information you provide is encrypted and thus cannot be stolen or revealed by any third party.

    Online Dating Protector

    Marital Affair cooperates with Online Dating Protector, a security service that ensures safe communication on online dating websites. It applies the following measures:

    • Anti-scam software to reveal and ban fraudsters on time.
    • Safety tips for online dating site users
    • Content moderation.

    In theory, these features ensure that you communicate only with real people on the platform. At the same time, many Marital Affair reviews speak of fake profiles. And as we mentioned before, some profile pictures have 200+ Google results.

    Content Examination

    The Marital Affair moderation team examines the first messages you send to other users for security purposes. Your love letter can be rejected if it contains your contact details and personal information. The same has to do with your photos and profile descriptions. Once you make some changes, they will need to be approved first.

    No profile Verification

    Despite multiple security measures we mentioned before, Marital Affair does feature profile verification. It will be much better for fraud prevention since you will be sure you exchange messages with real people who have submitted their identity proof.


    What is Marital Affair?

    Marital Affair is a dating service for married and single people from North America, South Africa, the UK, and Australia.

    How much does Marital Affair Cost?

    A monthly membership costs $54.95. You can save up to 60% of the total price if you purchase a year of services at $274.95 in a single billing. In this case, you will reduce your monthly fee to $22.92.

    Is Marital Affair a Scam?

    This service is legal. It does not show the scam signs.

    Is Marital Affair Safe?

    Marital Affair is entirely safe due to data protection and anti-scam measures.

    Who owns Marital Affair?

    Venntro Media Group Ltd, a dating software supplier, operates Marital Affair business.

    What Security Features does Marital Affair have?

    Marital Affair implements the following security measures:

    • SSL data encryption
    • Content examination
    • Secure payments
    • Anti-scam software

    Does Marital Affair have a mobile App?

    You cannot use a mobile application. However, a mobile version of the site is compatible with all browsers and devices. That is why you can use the services on the go without any restrictions.

    How do I Delete my Marital Affair Account?

    Take these steps to delete your account:

    1. Go to Personal Details of your account management section.
    2. Proceed to membership details.
    3. Scroll down and press the green account deletion button.
    4. Follow the link to proceed to the account cancellation menu.
    5. Press on the continue button.
    6. Select the reason for membership cancellation and press Delete My Account.

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