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    Excellent Sites Like Craigslist But For Dates!
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    Excellent Sites Like Craigslist But For Dates!

    Excellent Sites Like Craigslist But For Dates!

    Dating, dating, dating — what a sweet sound for our ears. How many memories are about casual dating? And how much time do you spend on sites like Craigslist personals? Or not? Maybe you are a newbie in the dating industry and have not hooked up with girls before. Ok, then prepare to change your casual dating experience! Right here, just now, you:

    1. Learn why Craigslist is the worst place where you can find other users for a date.
    2. Find the sites like Craigslist.
    3. Learn some hookup lines, which work like personal ads.
    4. Find ways to cut your costs at dating sites.

    And, of course, you will find what’s the difference between fake ads on Craigslist and a real person looking for a hot date with you!

    Why were the Craigslist personals closed?

    Craigslist dating area was closed because instead of being a casual encounter with dating connections, Craigslist personals was transformed into a place there:

    1. Unfair people sell other people, like selling products.
    2. Buyers pay for sex, not for a date.
    3. This site allows you to buy and sell prostitutes’ services.

    Of course, all those were fully illegal. That’s why it closes sex traffic and prohibits you from buying and selling to other people. There was a big scandal.

    That’s why classifieds sites are not used now for dating. But are there any sites like Craigslist, with the same experience, without item sales, where you can find a partner who will warm you up the next night? Let’s search for answers together!

    Just some criteria to become better than a Craiglist!

    If you are interested in online dating sites, where people do not sell other people like they’re selling items, you have to learn how they must look. There are some criteria of quality for all the best alternatives:

    1. Prices. The best site can’t be completely free. But it should provide you with a small fee.
    2. Interface. So it must be convenient.
    3. Rules and promotions. Forget about the best deals on household items in different categories. The great site should concentrate only on the dating experience without selling local items.
    4. Law protection. No sex traffic. No younger than 18 years old people. No prostitution. Only hookups and dates.
    5. SSL protection was invented to keep your money away from scammers.
    6. Chat possibilities. The more different things you can do, the better will be your dating experience.
    7. Opportunities to stay on the platform. The greatest site allows you to do all from search to get contact data in one place!

    And, of course, your chances to hook up with girls on those sites.

    The interface — saw the one, know them all!

    Interface description is the thing that you have to learn before you will visit all those dating sites. There are two types of interfaces, like Tinder and other social networks. 

    And now, a dating platform offers you both of them on one screen. So how does it look?

    When you visit an online dating site for the first time, all you see is a sign-in offer, so you must pass through registration and log in to the site. You can do it by refilling all required fields.

    Now you can search for potential buyers for your body. Joke. Many sites look dirty, but they are not about the selling process, unlike Craigslist. They’re about sexual connection, not about sex traffic.

    So after registration and logging, you become a member and can get lost among many users. You come to the home screen, which is separated for:

    1. Header.
    2. Main.
    3. Left/right toolbar.
    4. Footer.

    The header is about your search bar and other tools, like privacy settings, profile settings, and other specifications. All the features to personalize your page and transform a new account into a premium profile!

    The central screen is usually about girls and boys. You can browse listings and use advanced searching filters, which help you cut down on finding an incredible girl. These search filters are common for all sites:

    1. Age;
    2. Location;
    3. Body type;
    4. Gender;
    5. Sex;
    6. Hair color;
    7. Hobbies;
    8. Online/offline filter.

    The final list may differ from site to site. At least this is user friendly and allows you to get fast search results. 

    Also, you can switch your classified ads site to Tinder mode, a match game. The next game is working. You like a girl, and you’ll catch her contacts free if she likes you.

    You can switch your screen from searching to chat rooms on the left or right toolbar. As you found, it’s not a Craigslist experience with a personal section. It’s a social network, more like Facebook, than eBay classifieds.

    The footer will only be useful if you are searching for support or law information because the footer is always about that information.

    What are the Craiglist alternatives?

    There’re many great alternative sites for your pleasure, but here we’ll focus on the main Craigslist alternatives:

    1. Ashley Madison. The biggest of them.
    2. VictoriaMilan. The cheapest of them.
    3. The Fling. Subscription variant for people who are hookups regularly.
    4. WellHello! If all the previous are not about you!
    5. AdultFriendFinder — the greatest salvation if you love flings while you are traveling.

    Let’s shortly describe each of them.

    Ashley Madison

    Ashley Madison, in their own ad words, is the place where more than 50 million people are ready to get a date with you right now. It’s not a subscription-based site. It provides the services for each message.

    The great news is that Ashley Madison offers you a database of real people without scammers and spammers. This site tells you about a fling.

    You can search here for singles, but almost all the people you will find here are married and searching for sexual adventures.

    The great news is that this site cares about your anonymity. There was a little confusion a few years ago. But for now, support changed their policy about safety, and they’re provided all existing levels of protection.


    If you like the system that Ashley Madison provides but still do not find the crush there, you can try VictoriaMilan. It’s not a site that looks like an Ashley Madison. Works like an Ashley Madison, but not an Ashley Madison.

    There’s one big difference between it and Ashley Madison — and it’s called — community.

    The people who use this site, and the previous competitor, are different, and it’s pretty. So if you are tired of AM, you can choose VictoriaMilan.

    The Fling

    The Fling is the oldest, greatest, and most worthy site in the dating industry. It offers you a subscription fee and to be your main partner when you are on journeys. This site provides a location filter and the sex without an aftermath. So all you should do is not forget to take condoms on your travels.


    The WellHello site is more about flirting and messaging than hooking and getting ASAP sex adventures. It provides you with different instruments to interact with girls. The prices are much lower than on the previous sites, but does it worsen the site? Of course not! 

    There’s only one disadvantage, which will make you sad. The primal community of this site is placed in the USA, so it’s been tough to find a girl for your adventures if you are in Asia or if you are in Europe atm.


    If all the previous sites are not about you, and you want to catch a queer’s experience and get sex with people of the same gender, you are welcome to AdultFriendFinder. Here are no prejudices, no taboos, and nothing that can disturb you.

    All the same interfaces, all the similar prices, all very close to your habitual social networks, but with a possibility to hook up a queer woman, a couple of lesbians, or trannies. Or others!

    F.A.Q. Standard questions — creative answers!

    Every day, every article about Craigslist alternatives has the same question. Are they legit? Are they safe? Will my wife catch me while I’m flinging with a young girl? And many other similar questions. That’s why we collected all of them into one FAQ about online dating services.

    Are these alternatives to the Craigslist personals safe?

    Yes, these sites are safe, but many depend on how you will use these alternatives to Craigslist. On the one hand, support does all to protect your anonymity. But if you are careful, install something on your tablet or pc, you will get a good end! Also, these social media platforms provide you with the safest of possible payment methods!

    Are these alternatives to the Craigslist personals legit?

    Yes, these sites are legit, but if you are not in a Muslim country. All the girls and boys who post ads on classifieds site like Craigslist are older than 18, and they have nothing in common with sex traffic.

    Are these alternatives to the Craigslist personals scam?

    No, these sites are no scams! There’s a scams among online classified site users, but the sites do not offer you potential scams. They’re striving to delete all scam and spam accounts.

    Are these alternatives to the Craigslist personals worth it?

    Yes, these sites are worth it. They’re better than online classified sites, and you haven’t to pass through fraudulent ads when you are there. But do they satisfy you and other married people? Depends on your tastes, preferences, experience, and readiness to get a fling with random people.

    Are these alternatives to Craigslist personals convenient?

    Yes — all sites like Craigslist are convenient to use and have a common interface, and you shouldn’t care about missed connections because sites notify you with pop-ups or push notifications. Depends on your preferences!

    Are these alternatives to the Craigslist personals real?

    Yes, every Craigslist alternative is real, instead of dead Craigslist personalities. You can get casual dating or something hotter than with classical dating apps!

    Do these alternatives to the Craigslist personals exist?

    Yes, all these Craigslist personal alternatives exist, worth your time and dime, and you can find their real people looking for casual dates. Also, these sites provide you with anti-spam technology to protect you from suspicious users.

    Are these alternatives to the Craigslist personals free?

    Yes, but there are no free Craigslist personals alternatives. They offer you some premium features for a subscription or credits. But if you want to cut costs, you can use free possibilities on Craigslist!

    What can we say in conclusion?

    Ok, as you see — the Craigslist personals are dead. It is sad to conclude, but sex trafficking is not the best business decision. But the new online dating service area works much better, offering you much clearer girls. And, of course, here, you will never find a prostitute or sex slave. All women, who are seeking males, and men seeking women here are with one task. Get a date, nothing more.

    Have you spent time on one of these dating sites? It depends on you and your tastes, but you have to know that the industry is alive and provides you with all the futuristic technologies and advanced search filters to make your sexual adventures more attractive!

    Adam Humphreys is a sculptor and dating expert. He has been dating women his entire life and has learned how to get along with them and find love.