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    12 Tips to Make Your Long-Distance Relationship Work
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    12 Tips to Make Your Long-Distance Relationship Work

    12 Tips to Make Your Long-Distance Relationship Work

    In our time, when distance means nothing, we can easily find a soulmate in another city, country, or even continent. But due to the forced lockdown, closed borders, job, or other circumstances, such relations may be threatened. Obviously, this is not an easy challenge. And the situation seems to appear even more complicated due to the obsessive suspicions mixed with jealousy (often unjustified).

    The communication opportunities offered by a modern world can work like magic, but still, in order to keep your feelings alive ignoring hundreds of kilometers between you, it is not enough just to “like” each other’s photos on social networks. You both have to make an effort. At the same time, there is no reason to recklessly focus on supporting a distance romance, as each of you still has friends, family, work, and hobbies.

    Despite all the obstacles, there is no reason to fall into despair. Your separation cannot last forever. And to make your long-distance relationships work, take a look at these 12 tips that will maintain the flame of your passion.

    1. Don’t bother each other with too much communication

    This is a classic mistake in a long-distance relationship. You shouldn’t do your best to compensate for your separation with constant, uninterrupted virtual communication. Don’t turn your relationship into a suffocating contact 24/7. It is strongly recommended not to be on the line all the time. You definitely don’t need to bombard each other with spam messages – they will worsen the situation rather than make you closer. You should follow the opposite principle: the less – the better. Occasional messages that catch on at the right moments, pulling the right strings of your body and soul will be far more effective for your long-distance marriage.

    2. Talk about your common future

    There is probably no couple who can make long-distance relationships work throughout their life. Even if both of you do not have the possibility to live in the same city and time zone yet, you probably have great expectations for your common future, which means that you have a good reason to discuss it and list some plans.

    3. Consider your long-distance relationships as a worthwhile experience

    If you want to live together, you first need to learn how to live separately. Consider your current situation as a test of your feelings.  Instead of thinking that a long distance marriage is tearing you apart, try to convince yourself that this bitter experience will make you closer to each other.

    4. Feed the flame of passion

    Sexual chemistry is the strongest thing that can hold you together, no matter the distance. Expose yourself to sexting – you will definitely love it. You can exchange teasing text messages full of hot desires, provocative hints, and seductive descriptions. Talk dirty but make sure this conversation will be shared only between you and your soulmate.

    5. Stay honest and trust each other

    Tell each other about your feelings, doubts, emotions, and apathy. Don’t try to deal with your uncomfortable feelings on your own and hide anything – all secrets will sooner or later come out. Stay open-hearted, honest, and kind, share the warmth of your soul, and accept the support that is given to you.

    6. Establish your routine but don’t forget to surprise each other

    Wishes like “good morning” and “good night” should become your everyday rituals. Tell your partner about your daily life and the events that fill it – this is how normal couples behave. Diversify your communication formats – use video calls, send messages and playful stickers, photos, audio messages, and funny video records. In such a way, you will be able to demonstrate your feelings and care, and your partner will be surrounded by love and attention.

    7. Remember the important dates and events

    It is recommended to remember each other’s habits and work schedule, so as not to call during important meetings or not wait for an answer to your text message at inopportune hours. And don’t forget the key dates – birthdays, graduation, awards, and family celebrations. Congratulations, flowers, and gifts delivered on time are important components of the relationship that has all the chances to become long-term.

    8. Give each other something as a keepsake

    It can be a cute pendant, a ring, a keychain, a collection of songs, videos, or a bottle of pleasant perfume. People like to associate memories with specific objects that evoke thoughts of a loved one or a special event.

    9. See each other from time to time

    Rare dates are the top award of long-distance relationships: after all the anxiety and expectations, longing and abstinence, you finally meet each other in order to make your dreams come true. It doesn’t matter where the first kiss happens: you will definitely feel an earthquake, an explosion, euphoria, rainbow fireworks, and hundreds of butterflies tickling your bellies from the inside.

    10. Prevent conflicts

    If you know that your weekend outings with the colleagues upset your partner, you have two options: 1) not to go anywhere; 2) warn your partner in advance, preventing a conflict. Listen not only to your heart, but also to your mind: cheating, missing calls, and listening to reproaches are much more unpleasant than just having a serious conversation with your soulmate the day before.

    11. Write handwritten letters

    Sending cards and handwritten love letters to each other can be extremely romantic. If you have lost the habit of writing by hand, take the time for a long sensual email. Such a message will remain in the special folder of the email account of your partner for good.

    12. Enjoy time without your partner

    Life is too short to spend your days, weeks, and months in boredom and apathy. Besides, if you are unhappy and your life is a real mess, then you will probably have nothing interesting to tell your partner. Energy, spark, and libido will flow out of your communication. Also, if you depreciate all the other spheres of your life if your partner is not beside you and tend to invest all your emotional resources in anticipation of the next date, this might increase the risk that the date itself will disappoint you. You expect too much from spending time together – sometimes reality may not match your dreams. 

    Appreciate this time of forced loneliness – it can become a very important period of personal development. Spend time both alone and with your friends and family. Try not to get bored and do not let the moss grow all over you! Then you will be one of those who are lucky to answer positively to the question do long distance relationships work.

    I'm Derrick Clifton, the editor and writer of dating blog. I'm a romantic at heart and I love writing about all things love, dating, and relationships. I hope you enjoy reading my blog and meeting new people!
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