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    Cougar Life Review: A Dating Site For Casual Encounters

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    Before proceeding with the Cougar Life review, it’s worth mentioning that this website was launched in 2006, and it's owned by Ruby Life Media. Since then, much has been changed and modified to better the performance and ensure a better dating experience online. For now, males dominate the site, and the age of the male users ranges from 18 to 34.
    There are over 100K new users almost every month, so finding partners online won’t be a challenge for you. The use of geolocation provides you with an option for finding a partner in many countries. So, if you’re interested in cougar dating relationships, you better try your luck with this site.








    • Ideal for casual bonds
    • User-friendly interface
    • Impressive site active audience
    • Great search preferences and filters
    • Mobile app option
    • Private gallery options
    • Higher prices
    • Limited range of free features
    Concluding words about the Cougar Life
    It’s a dating platform for casual bonds rather than serious relationships. Moderators are active in eradicating fake profiles. It’s an ideal website where mature women can find their younger partners. There are options for finding a date with special features. Search filters allow you to find the right person to date. Uploading a photo is highly recommended. Prices are comparatively high when compared to other dating sites. The price starts at $29.99. The dating platform is based on credits. It’s an official cougar dating site with a large user base.

    You might have heard about a sugar daddy site that’s a place where older males are seeking young and attractive women. There are also other sites where older women seek younger males to hang out with. Such platforms are called cougar dating sites. Such internet sites prove that age is just an indicator people can overlook.

    There’s a need for a great platform where younger men can find their cougars. That’s why you’re here to read the Cougar Life review to understand how the Cougar Life dating site works and what it can offer its audience. Online dating on this platform is just pleasant, practical, and playful. Although there are other cougar dating sites, Cougar Life stands out thanks to its quality.

    If you are interested in this website, you’re in the right direction. You better follow this Cougar Life review to understand more about it. Cougar Life dating platform isn’t a free dating site, but it’s worth every cent you’ll pay. And you’ll never run out of options whether you’re looking for a woman or a man. So, read on and make your own decision about this cougar dating website.

    Summary of Best Cougar Dating site

    It’s a dating platform for casual bonds rather than serious relationships.

    Moderators are active in eradicating fake profiles.

    It’s an ideal website where mature women can find their younger partners.

    There are options for finding a date with special features.

    Search filters allow you to find the right person to date.

    Uploading a photo is highly recommended.

    Prices are comparatively high when compared to other dating sites.

    The price starts at $29.99.

    The dating platform is based on credits.

    It’s an official cougar dating site with a large user base.

    Why use Cougar Life online dating site?

    One of the main points of this Cougar Life review is to understand why you might be interested in using this dating site to meet younger men or mature ladies. Let’s delve into some aspects of this dating platform.

    One of the best casual online dating sites

    Indeed, in addition to being a cougar dating site, it’s a casual website where people find sex partners for a short time. It’s not a place where you can find committed partners. Instead, it’s an ideal place for hookups, and that’s why there’s an option for local dating.

    Professional cougar dating site

    It’s not just a place where a mature lady can find a younger partner. It’s a place where ladies can seek partners based on detailed search parameters and their personal preferences. So, it’s a professional website where picky ladies can find their younger partners.

    A large user base

    One of the main reasons why people opt for this dating site is its large user base. It offers myriads of options. Besides, you better know that it’s not a dating website catering its services to people in one or 2 countries. It’s actually an international website. So, even if you’re a keen traveler, you’ll find someone to hook up with.

    Positive Cougar Life review comments of users

    One of the best ways to understand whether it’s worth using a particular platform is to search for real comments from real users. And when it comes to Cougar Life review comments, you’ll find out lots of positive feedback.

    About the interface of the Cougar Life website

    What makes it different from other dating sites? It’s not just a site of older women seeking younger men. It’s actually a professional website offering professional dating services. With such dating internet sites, you can easily find a person with just a few clicks.

    And your journey starts with understanding the interface of this platform. The first thing to mention is its simplicity. This cougar site is really easy to use. Even novice users can easily navigate, as there’s nothing complicated.

    On the left side, you’ll find access to the main functionalities of the platform, from the account settings tab to customer support. Since everything is in plain sight, you won’t be troubled with finding the right buttons. Based on this Cougar Life review, you can easily be sure that you won’t get lost in understanding the features of this dating site.

    The registration process on the Cougar Life site

    While reading this Cougar Life review, one of your main goals is to understand whether this site can be an ideal place to meet someone special. Like on many online dating sites, the first thing is to understand the registration process. You need to know 3 main things about the registration on this website in addition to the fact that it’s free and hassle-free.

    Filling out the form

    The registration process starts on the homepage of the website. You need to visit the site and find a registration form. You need to provide basic information, including your email address, and don’t forget about the postal code, which is important.

    Personal details

    You’ll be asked about your personal details, including your physique and body type. You can easily skip these sections. After that, you’ll be asked some additional questions, which are also easy to skip. This is the pre-final stage of creating a Cougar Life account.

    Adding photos

    Personal photos are highly recommended by the site. The platform motivates you to add some photos so that your account will be appealing to other users online. Like many other customers online, you can even create a gallery of private photos.

    Things to keep in mind about the registration process

    Does Cougar Life work and offer great quality? The verdict is positive, and one of the main things is to get your account verified. Since moderators are actively engaged in eradicating fake or empty accounts, it’s recommended that you verify your account.

    It’s quite simple, as you need to check your email address. Then, you click on the link and that’s all. Another thing is about adding photos that were mentioned above. You should know that you’ll be allowed to send 3 free messages if you manage to add and verify your photos.

    Cougar Life Review: How to make contact

    After the registration process, you might dedicate some time to creating quite an informative profile. Then, it’s time to consider how you want to start looking for users online. Thanks to a large user base, you can easily find someone online or who has been online recently.

    Using search filters

    The good news is that you don’t have to pay to use a search tool. It’s completely free. But that’s not all. It offers a wide range of parameters. Even picky users can be content with the search results. You can look for other members based on their physical features and proximity.

    Sending flirts

    It happens that you might come across Cougar Life photos of other members, so why not send flirts for free? This is an option you can benefit from without the need to get a premium membership, allowing you to get users’ attention online. You can send flirts without any credits, but to send messages, you’ll have to upgrade your membership.

    Priority mail

    This is also a good feature worth your attention. It allows you to send virtual gifts or stickers to other members online. But don’t forget that you can send flirts for free but not priority mail options. They’re paid features to benefit from.

    Chat with me

    When looking for someone online, you can visit their profiles. There, you’ll see an option of starting to chat right on the spot. The chatting option is quite quick. You just click on it and send messages to any person you like. If she or he’s active, you’ll get a response soon enough.

    Message Me

    It’s another interesting feature that you can benefit from for free. Unlike the priority mail option, you’re limited to reading the messages sent to you. You can’t send any media content to anyone. Thus, it’s quite a limited feature offered for free.

    Sending gifts

    There are myriads of virtual stickers that you can pick from an impressive library of animated stickers that can function as good icebreakers. It’s a good way of showing your interest in someone online. You just pick one gift and send it to anyone you wish. But don’t forget that it’s an exclusive feature, so you need a premium membership.

    About Cougar Life profiles

    What makes dating sites so special? They give us a chance to meet people without the need to go anywhere. They replace conventional dating means, and it’s really convenient to start dating online. This is also true about Сougar Life where mature ladies search for younger men.

    But you should know that not all dating sites are great for you, as you might face the problem with fake profiles, which is one of the main problems nowadays. But how about Cougar Life? Is it a problematic platform? Let’s see what it can offer.

    Profile quality on Cougar Life

    Online dating sites like Cougar Life allow you to meet new people with similar interests. Once they’re on this website, you can be sure that they’re not looking for someone interested in committed bonds. But are all users on this site real or not? ‘

    This is where you need to be careful when choosing the right site. But if you’re determined about this platform, you can be sure that you won’t have to deal with a fake account. It doesn’t mean that you won’t come across fake accounts, but you can always report them.

    But is it possible to look for partners who have been verified and can be trusted? The badge of verification that you’ll find on the profiles of users on this website indicates that a particular user is a real person you can easily trust.

    Profile details

    It’s clear that Cougar Life is great when it comes to profile quality despite the fact that fake accounts can be seen. Still, if you can easily get rid of these accounts. But profile quality isn’t the only thing that you might be content with.

    Cougar Life is great when it comes to informative profiles. When clicking on any profile, you’ll get access to the following information:

    • Personal details. When accessing someone’s profile, you can learn about the location of that particular person. There’ll be a brief description that can describe interesting things about the needs of the profile or something relevant.
    • Vitals. This is a section that provides info like horoscope, marital status, the purpose of dating, physical features, and race. It’s a section where you can learn more about the profile before you start communicating.
    • Public and private photos. You’ll find photos of users, and in some cases, you’ll get a chance to visit a private gallery. It’s a paid feature, so you need to pay to unlock this feature. Public photos are accessible for free.
    • Useful buttons. On every profile page of other users, you can find great buttons. For example, you can benefit from Request Private Key or Send Private Key. How about adding a profile to the list of favorites? There’s an option of sending winks as well. So, you’ll find a bunch of buttons to use.

    Is Cougar Life legit?

    Now that you already know that this site has great profile quality in addition to detailed profiles, you can easily trust this site. It’s a completely legit place to meet new people for casual dating. And there’s no need to worry about the site’s reputation. It’s one of the best cougar dating sites you can discover in 2024.

    Mobile Cougar Life app

    Does this site have a best hookup apps? Cougar Life is accessible both from mobile apps and browsers. It offers a chance to date on the go hassle-free. For now, the site has a great mobile app, but the only setback is that you need to purchase this app.

    The price of this mobile app is $5, which isn’t so high. It’s a one-time payment, so you can install this app. It’s offered only on the App Store. You won’t find an app on Google Play Store. But thanks to a compatible mobile version of the site, you can easily access the mobile website with just a few clicks.

    With a feature like Find a Date, you can start looking for a great partner on your mobile gadgets. Overall, the mobile experience with the Cougar Life app is quite efficient and great to use, not to mention that it offers a user-friendly interface.

    Features of Cougar Life dating website

    Cougar Life is a great platform, and to make it easy for mature women to meet younger men, the site offers a wide array of tools you can use. From search tools to other interesting services, your online venture can turn into a great experience.

    This is a dating website that offers its services for a higher price, but you can be sure that it’s worth every cent you’ll spend. You don’t need to buy special subscriptions, so all you need is to get credits to use the best features of this website.


    Virtual gifts can be interesting to use. If you’re determined to impress someone online, perhaps you should consider sending one of them. What makes them so special? They’re animated and fun, but at the same time, they’re a great way of showing interest. But don’t forget that they’re paid gifts.

    Cougar Life Blog

    Cougar and cub relationship isn’t something recent like in the case of sugar dating bonds. If you want to learn more about such bonds, you can benefit from this blog. And guess what? This is not a paid feature. You can easily access the blog and read interesting articles about dating someone without thinking about age.

    Private photo gallery

    There’s great content on the website. This adult content is available for those ready to pay. So, if you’re interested, you can pay for private galleries of other users. You can look through some hot photos, and you can come across quite explicit photos. To get access, there’s an option like private keys that you need to buy.

    Cougar Life prices

    Many dating websites offer a chance for mature ladies to meet young males. But not every internet site is as great as Cougar Life. Besides being a great site, it offers a real chance to meet real partners from different age groups.

    Is Cougar Life a free or paid dating site?

    Now you might wonder whether it’s possible to be a free member. Actually, you can get limited access to some features for free. But if you want to get the best experience from internet dating, you better be prepared to get credits. Thus, Cougar Life is a paid platform.

    Is Cougar Life expensive?

    It’s no secret that cougar sites tend to offer exclusive features. This is also true about the Cougar Life. It’s above average when compared to other dating websites offering casual dating experiences for cougars and cubs. So, it can be said to be relatively expensive.

    Getting credits

    The number of credits you’ll buy will specify your subscription. The more credits you get, the better your subscription you’ll have. Besides, you’ll get better discount options as well. You’ll choose from the following options:

    • Basic subscription. It’s one of the most common options chosen by new users. It offers 100 credits in exchange for $29.99, almost 30 cents per credit. Such a package is ideal to strike up new conversations. But it’s not the most profitable package to have.
    • Classic subscription. This is one of the best value offers to consider. You get 500 credits in exchange for $99.99. In other words, you’ll have to pay 20 cents per credit, which is cheap when compared to the basic subscription.
    • Elite subscription. This subscription is the most expensive yet profitable. It costs $149.99 to get 1000 credits. It allows you to start 200 conversations and highlight your profile for 30 days. So, it seems like a good deal to consider.

    Information about a premium membership

    Getting credits is really great, but you should know that you’re required to finish the acquired credits. They’ll expire in 30 days. Thus, there’s a time limit on the credits you’ll buy. When choosing the credits package, don’t forget that the system will auto-renew the purchase from your credit card.

    Still, you’ll be informed beforehand about renewal. You’ll have 3 days before that happens. So, if you’re interested in canceling your subscription, you’ll have enough time. The option for canceling your subscription can be accomplished with the help of customer support. Or you can get in touch with the site administration.

    That’s not all. Thanks to the professional support team, you can appeal for the refund ensured by the site. You better read through the refund policy before making any purchase. You can get even the full amount back.

    Is Cougar Life worth your attention?

    Before enjoying private photos of older women or young males, you should be sure whether dating on this platform is worth your time and money. With this Cougar Life review, you can learn about the following 5 reasons why you should consider becoming a new member of the Cougar Life website.

    Free and hassle-free registration

    One of the best aspects of this site is that you don’t have to undergo long and tedious registration. This is a problem with some dating sites. You might need to spend less than 10 minutes creating a Cougar Life account.

    Besides, the registration doesn’t require any payment. Besides, you can get free Cougar Life messages to test the system. And don’t forget that not all online dating services the Cougar Life dating platform offer in exchange for credits.

    More professional than the best dating site

    Other cougar dating sites might disappoint with online dating services. Not every dating internet site connecting mature women and young men can offer a wide range of services with top-notch quality, and this is what makes Cougar Life even more appealing.

    Online services of this site ensure that you can meet a person who can be your great match. It also offers a great matchmaking system, so you’ll never run out of options that will satiate your desires. And don’t forget about great communication tools.

    Safety measures on the Cougar Life platform

    One of the main concerns nowadays is ensuring online safety when dating online. This is so true when it comes to cougar sites offering casual dating. When accessing the private photos of ladies or males online, you can be sure that you’ll be dating in a safer atmosphere. The site employs a variety of software tools to ensure secure online dating.

    Besides, constant monitoring of the platform is also one of the best aspects of this site. Cougar Life does its best to ensure you don’t have to deal with scams. Finally, encryption technology is another factor making this site a safe place to meet young men and mature dames. In a nutshell, Cougar Life is the best dating platform reputable for its security measures.

    Local dating option

    Although it’s widely popular not only in the US but also in other countries, Cougar Life is a great app offering a chance for local dating. Interested in finding the right partner to hook up with? It’s not a problem, thanks to the geolocation feature offered online. So, you’re not limited to the users you can find nearby.

    How to use that feature? You just need to click on the search filters. By doing so, you will find a feature of finding someone nearby. There’ll be an option to search within, and you can easily set the mile or km range of people you might want to find. Thus, it’s not only a great cougar dating website, but at the same time, it’s a great local hook-up site.

    Ideal for people representing LGBTQ community

    In the modern world, you’re not limited to choosing a partner. So, this isn’t the only place where females are seeking males. You can find someone who can be interested in a homosexual relationship. This is what makes this site a great option for homosexual people. How to benefit from such an option? It’s just quite simple.

    You can indicate your interests when registering. But that’s not the only place. With search options, you can easily find someone interested in hooking up with single-minded people. Overall, Cougar Life isn’t only a cougar website offering a large user base, but it also offers a chance to find single-minded partners representing the LGBTQ community.

    How to Pass Cougar Life Photo Verification?

    It’s not challenging to pass this verification. All you need is to provide a good and recent photo. It should be clear. Blurry images may not pass verification. It’s also recommended to add more than 1 photo, which will ensure a better experience.

    Is there a Cougar Life mobile app?

    Cougar Life has a great mobile app. But it’s only available for iOS users. So, if you have an iPhone, you can easily download the app and start dating on the go. But how about other users? Thanks to a mobile version of the site, you can easily date on the go with a mobile browser.

    Can I use Cougar Life without paying?

    That would be challenging. You can test the system for free, but it’s just a limited offer. Overall, you’ll have to pay to fully benefit from the services of the Cougar Life site. The site offers a credit-based system, so you’ll pay for what you use.

    How to Cancel Cougar Life Subscription?

    You’ll have 2 options in this case. First of all, you might need to get in touch with the site administration. Or you can contact the support team that will help you resolve this issue. On your profile page, there’s no such option as canceling the subscription. There’s an option like Delete Cougar Life Account only.

    Why cougars like younger guys?

    There are many reasons why cougars might be drawn to younger guys. For one, younger guys may be more energetic and playful, which can be appealing to an older woman. Additionally, younger guys may be less likely to be critical or judgmental, and may be more likely to appreciate a confident and experienced woman. Finally, younger guys often have less baggage and are less likely to be interested in drama, which can be a relief for an older woman.

    How can you see all of the Cougar Life photos?

    To see all of the Cougar Life photos, you can either browse through their album or use the search function.

    How can you read Cougar Life messages for free?

    There are a few ways that you can read Cougar Life messages for free. One way is to sign up for a free trial of a Cougar Life account. This will give you access to all of the messages on the site for a set amount of time. Another way is to use a third-party site that allows you to read messages without signing up for an account. This can be a bit more difficult to find, but there are a few options available. Finally, you can also use a search engine to find cached versions of the messages on the Cougar Life website. This can be a bit more time-consuming, but it will allow you to see the messages without having to sign up for an account.

    How to Pass Cougar Life Photo Verification?

    To pass Cougar Life photo verification, you’ll need to provide a recent, clear photo of yourself. Make sure your photo is high quality and shows your full face. You may also be asked to provide additional verification information.

    Does Cougar Life work and is Cougar Life good?

    Yes, Cougar Life is effective and good. Cougar Life helps you find and connect with cougars in your area, and helps you to find cougar-friendly dating and social networks.

    How can you view Cougar Life private photos and profile pics?

    To view a Cougar Life user’s private photos and profile pics, you need to be a registered member of the site. Once you are logged in, click on the user’s profile and then select the “Private Photos” tab. If the user has set their photos to private, you will need to enter your password to view them.

    What other legitimate dating sites exist where you can find attractive older women?

    There are a number of other legitimate dating sites where you can find attractive older women. Some of these sites include Ashley Madison, VictoriaMilan, and OkCupid.

    How much cougar life subscription?

    The cougar life subscription costs $9.99 per month.

    How much younger man can i date?

    There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on a number of factors, including but not limited to your age, appearance, and compatibility. However, generally speaking, a younger man can date someone up to 10-15 years younger than himself.

    Is Cougar Life an alternative to Craigslist?
    No, MeetWives is not an alternative to Craigslist.

    Final thoughts

    Are you looking for a site offering a particular service, like serving a bridge for mature women and young men? You need to consider a best dating sites, and what can be better than Cougar Life dating platform? It’s a great place to meet hot partners for casual bonds. Its profile quality isn’t the only good stuff about this website. With this Cougar Life review, you might have discovered all the best about it. Why not give it a try?

    I started Married-Dating.org because I saw a need for a website that could help married people find dates. I wanted to create a safe and discreet way for people to connect and explore their desires.