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    Fling.Com Review: Should You Trust This Service in 2024?
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    fling.com review

    Fling.Com Review: Should You Trust This Service in 2024?

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    Online dating seems to substitute the offline way of meeting lovers. This is due to the development of high technologies and widening of the electronic devices usage all over the world. As it became clear in the last half a year, the pandemic also changed the way meet and date since the social distancing and self-isolation rules do not always allow us to see each other in person, kiss, and hug in public.

    Hence, finding a perfect dating app becomes a necessity, but how to do that? First, you can start with reading reviews online. And to help you in your search, we created this Fling.com review.

    Fling.com is a website for discreet dating and online sex encounters. Here, you can meet women, men, and couples for a hookup, one-night stand, or regular sex dates.

    Why Fling.com?








    • fast loading website
    • nice design
    • reasonable prices
    • poor quality of profiles
    • limited features for free users
    • unsatisfactory privacy rules
    The Verdict on Fling.com
    With all the findings in mind, we can conclude that Fling.com is not the best option for a newcomer in online dating. Although the website is easy to understand and use, it cannot offer your data security, as well as positive affair experience. You are likely to spend a lot of money and time here without meeting a real partner since Fling.com has a lot of fake profiles registered. The prices are also unreasonable for the quality of services provided. Hence, we advise you to consider other options from the best married dating sites reviews on Married-Dating.org. 

    How Fling.com works

    To register on the Fling.com website, a potential customer needs to fill out a short questionnaire on the homepage. It consists of six questions that you can see below:


    fling.com review


    To continue with the other questions, you need to click on the ‘Next’ button. After that, you will be asked to choose your dating preferences:


    fling.com review


    On the next stage, you will need to enter your zip code to locate your future matches among the Fling.com users. If you are from another country, choose it from the list by clicking on the question below the field for entering zip code.


    Selecting your age from the drop-down list on the 4th question will also help in future searches for your matches on the website.


    The last two steps ask you to input your email and create your password. Once you are done with it, click on the ‘Sign up’ button to finish the questionnaire.


    After you do it, you will be redirected to your profile on Fling.com. The first thing you’ll see will be the window where you will be asked to add further details about yourself: the age range of the people you are looking for, your picture and username, and your appearance.


    fling.com review


    All these details can be edited later, so you are not required to answer all the questions at once. After clicking the ‘Save’ button, you will see your Fling.com dashboard. It will look like the following picture:


    fling.com review


    As you can see, the registration process on the Fling.com platform is neither lengthy nor hard to carry out. All questions are pretty clear and short so that you could sign up in a matter of minutes. Hence, we can rate the sign-up process on Fling.com as well-developed and convenient.

    Design And Usability of Fling.com: Is There Anything Impressive?

    Once a potential user visits Fling.com homepage, they see the following grid of attractive users’ pictures and invitation to join the website immediately:


    fling.com review


    We cannot say it is the best way to present an online dating community, but still, it is far better than the design of some Fling.com competitors’ websites that are packed with pop-up ads and constant offers to buy a premium membership. The idea of the website is clear from the first sight, so the website guests can decide whether they want to join the community right away.


    As for usability, we can conclude that it’s satisfactory. While testing the platform, we have not detected any errors. All pages worked correctly and quickly, so that we did not need to wait for them to load for a long time. Overall, we were satisfied with the website interface and our experience of using it.

    Are There Any Real People On Fling.com?

    The website hosts over 3 mln people from the USA, from which 100,000 use Fling.com actively every week. Customers who use it frequently are 30-35 years old and the gender proportion is 1 woman to 2 men.


    As for the interests of the audience, no one is looking for something serious here. Men, women, and couples who sign up want to find partners for hookups, one-night stands, swing parties, and online erotic fun. Users do not mind exchanging naked pictures and videos, trying out new sex practices, and reveal their sexuality the best they can. Therefore, you should not intend to find a long-term partner who will be committed to you and wish to start a family here. If your aim is just sex and discreet dating, it can be a good fit for you.


    The quality of profiles is low as reported by the users of the website. Below, we collected a few Fling.com reviews for you to check:


    fling.com review

    fling.com review


    As you can see, users did not like the dating opportunities that Fling.com offers since it hosts a lot of automated profiles and chatbots that are not even close to real people. Another drawback of the website is that it does not allow a user to review the other users’ profiles until they pay for it. The contacting features are not available for free as well. With all that in mind, we advise you to avoid Fling.com as it is likely to be a waste of money and time.

    What Does The Level Of Prices Say About Fling.com?

    Now let’s see what is the Fling.com pricelist. Due to the limited features for newly registered users, you will not have trouble finding the prices: almost every click you do on your dashboard will redirect you to the billing page with offers.


    Here you will see the following payment plans:


    fling.com review


    For this money, you will get the same set of features; the only different thing is the duration of the membership.


    The services included in the prices are:

    • Live chat communication with all users;
    • reviewing profiles and adding them to favorites;
    • advanced search tool;
    • the ability to exchange and publish 18+ pictures and clips;
    • watching Live Cam Girls (videos of naked girls online);
    • special offers from the partner sex shop;
    • Who’s cute game (a variation of the popular dating swiping tool where users evaluate each other’s sex appeal by liking or disliking photos).


    At first sight, you may seem that the prices are quite reasonable for such a broad features’ list, but that’s not that way. The quality of profiles is unsatisfactory as we mentioned earlier, so you will hardly make use of all the services.

    Will You Regret Using Fling.com Because of Safety Issues?

    To make our Fling review thorough, we have to evaluate its safety policies. First of all, we checked the privacy rules to find out how the company collects and protects the information of its users. Below is what we came to know:

    • Fling.com gathers and saves every detail you publish on your profile, including your race, religious affiliation, sex preferences, and orientation. Hence, we advise you to be careful about posting anything from the list above since all these data are considered to be sensitive;
    • Fling.com shares your information with third parties who assist in service functioning and partner websites. Everytime you visit them from your Fling.com account, you admit that you allow your personal data to be collected along with the IP address of your device, and your location;
    • Finally, the platform allows all users to see the information you made public on your profile, and you never know how other people on the website can use it.


    Also, your billing information can be shared with the company representatives, managers, and other services providers who offer supporting assistance like processing transactions from your credit card.


    The last but not the least is that your photos and name can be used for marketing purposes of the website and its partners. Consequently, we advise you to think twice before entrusting Fling.com with processing your personal information after the registration.


    What is Fling.com?

    Fling.com is an online dating website for meeting singles and couples for sex and discreet affairs.

    How much does Fling.com cost?

    The prices start at $0.95 per day and depend on the subscription duration.

    Is Fling.com a Scam?

    Due to the number of negative reviews on the web and the low quality of profiles, we can conclude that Fling.com is a scam.

    Is Fling.com Safe?

    Since Fling.com shares a lot of users’ information with third parties, it cannot be considered safe.

    Who owns Fling.com?

    Fling, LLC is the owner of the Fling.com dating site.

    What security features does Fling.com have?

    Fling.com does not have any special security tools to offer its users.

    Does Fling.com have a mobile app?

    No, it’s only a mobile version of the Fling.com website available for download. Although there are some Fling apps on PlayMarket and App Store, they are not associated with the website.

    How do I delete my Fling.com account?

    Click on the ‘Account Settings’ tab, choose the ‘Deactivate My Account’ option, and follow the instructions to remove your profile from the Fling.com platform.

    I started Married-Dating.org because I saw a need for a website that could help married people find dates. I wanted to create a safe and discreet way for people to connect and explore their desires.
    1. Alex Braun 
Alex Braun says:

      I see many guys here are not satisfied with Fling service. As for me, I am too. I know the way how to cancel Fling membership and can share this brief instruction with you. What you have to do is to find the section “Account settings” in your profile and proceed to the tab “Delete my account”. Your subscription will be ended automatically. No one will see your private information anymore and you won’t have to pay for that.

    2. Nicholas Garcia 
Nicholas Garcia says:

      Who knows what to do with Fling new message limit reached? I paid for a 2-day trial subscription but already run out of all attempts to send messages. What’s happened? Did I make anything wrong or shall I buy a 7-day package already now? They promised me a demo version of a full hooking website. What is going on? As long as I remember there is no limit to messages in a packet. If I pay for a subscription, it might include unlimited live text and video chat with all mail order brides. That is strange.

    3. Ryan White 
Ryan White says:

      I am a Fling com member since 2021. This service is one of the popular hooks up for married who are looking for a one-night affair or romantic adventure. I had been enjoying chatting with many sexy women from Europe and Asia, but, unfortunately, I don’t meet no one in real life. I don’t want to spend my time anymore. Who knows how to cancel Fling subscription? Maybe I’d rather go to a nightclub to pick up someone there.

    4. Caleb Clark 
Caleb Clark says:

      Who can give me an answer: Is one night stand website legit? I signed up with Fling com but faced many cons, I am a bit disappointed. it doesn’t look safe as a lot of information is shared with third parties and also doesn’t have special security tools. There are many profiles where women even never made a login. It looks like a fake. Who has an idea?

    5. Tyler Rodrigues
Tyler Rodrigues says:

      I found many requests like “new message limit reached Fling” in search engines, which means there are many Fling members, who don’t know what to do when they see this warning note in their profiles. Many of them complain that they just made a payment and start a new month, but they already see this message. Maybe it happens only with the trial subscription? Or, maybe, the system is a fraud? I heard that all hooking-up sites are legit. I might make something wrong.

    6. Josh Miller Josh Miller says:

      I read a lot about hooks up, however, could not understand why many people date online for sex. I made myself a serious love affair website review and found Fling com. It suits well those, who are looking for a real-time online sexual or romantic adventure to fill their lives with bright colors. However, I should apply many efforts to meet someone in real life. It maybe happens, because many women’s profiles are fake, it looks like they are written by scammers. I would like to see something more real. Thank you, the authors of this Fling com review you opened my eyes to the real picture.

    7. Philip Anderson
Philip Anderson says:

      I am a seeker for a one-night adventure with a sexy girl from the best hooking-up site. That was making a nightly encounter website review and stopping on the Fling dating platform. I became a member from this summer, but I am still unsatisfied with the choice. There are many hot married women for one-night dating and not only that, but a lot of profiles are not real and my goal is not reached. This is not the best dating site for night pick-ups.

    8. Martin Gilmore 
Martin Gilmore says:

      If you, guys, are not confident in one or another hooking-up service, pick your Fling.com reviews USA with this article. I totally agree with the author, Fling is not the best platform for romantic and sexual night affairs. It has many fake profiles and doesn’t protect personal information. You can read the full information about this service here, including pricing and membership policy.

    9. Antony Hall 
Antony Hall says:

      I am not satisfied with Fling dating site as a user. There are many scammers over there. I want to share with other members how do I delete my fling account. If you are not satisfied too or found something more interesting, all you need is just click on the tab “Account settings” and choose the function “Deactivate my account”, then follow this website’s instructions.

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