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    How to Hide an Affair
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    How to Hide an Affair

    How to Hide an Affair

    Engaging oneself in an affair implies that getting caught is definitely not something that one desires. However, the truth is, you need to keep a multitude of things in mind if you don’t feel like disclosing your romance. 

    Having an affair is a personal decision, and it is up to you whether to inform your partner or proceed with concealing it. In case you are willing to save your marriage or relationship, you may consider keeping your affair a secret. Getting caught red-handed is easier than it seems to be at first, so you may consider a couple of tips that will prevent you from getting into an unfortunate situation.  

    1. Set up a password on your devices and use a private browsing mode

    The pace of technological advancements is so fast that one can hardly hide anything these days. But there are a few things that have long ago proved to work. First of all, try browsing in a private mode. Doing so guarantees you that your browser history is not saved, so you can stay sure that nobody will find out what you were googling and which websites you were surfing. Besides, setting a password also helps a lot, since by these means, you decrease the chances of someone else reaching your phone. 


    2. If you keep your affair in secret, don’t disclose it to anyone

    Sometimes, you may feel a strong need to bare your soul to close friends and share some emotions and thoughts with them. Nonetheless, even the best friends may sometimes, purely unintentionally, reveal your secret. The point is, some people find it increasingly complicated to keep things to themselves. Other people may merely mention your lover in the context, without bearing the consequences in mind. And, of course, you need to inform your lover to act in the same way; being silent is one of the top ways to hide something you don’t want others to find out.

    3. Avoid typical mistakes

    Some people just don’t know how to have an descreet affairs without getting instantly caught. The thing is, you will immediately give yourself away if you use standard excuses. One of the most primitive excuses is pretending to stay late at work and convince your partner that you unexpectedly got a massive workload. Such an excuse has long ago proved to be a lie, so you should better find a more realistic reason. 

    Another typical mistake that some people make is forgetting to check how they look and smell after visiting a lover. In fact, you may smell like her perfume, have traces of lipstick or female hair on your clothes. So, it would be best if you were careful. 

    4. Pay with cash instead of credit card

    You might first think that this suggestion has nothing to do with hiding your affair. However, accidentally paying with your credit card may make your affair become a known fact. For instance, your partner will notice some suspicious activity if she sees that you paid for some gift that she did not receive from you. Besides, your partner will know it if you spend a lot of money for dinner at the time you were supposed to be ‘busy with the workload.’ So, whenever you can pay with cash – pay with cash. 

    5. Don’t change too much

    This recommendation implies both the change of appearance and visible emotional charge. As it might be expected, once you fall in love with a new person, you feel incredibly pleasant sensations and a great deal of inspiration. The latter might inspire you to improve your inner-self as well as the way you look. You may want to get a new haircut, buy new accessories, upgrade your wardrobe, and even change your ordinary perfume. Of course, you may change, but don’t rush things. The change must be gradual so that your partner doesn’t observe it immediately. And, of course, try to avoid demonstrating your emotional bursts and inexplicable happiness. 

    6. Don’t forget about your partner 

    In case you have decided not to reveal your affair to a partner, then your partner still means something for you. Hence, if you don’t want to lose him or her and you definitely don’t want your partner to find out everything, give him or her attention. Once you begin excluding your partner or just forget about spending time together, the latter will make every effort to discover what has happened. And if so, you will get your secret disclosed. If you don’t give a reason to worry, your partner will not worry and won’t likely think about reading your text messages. Therefore, take care of your partner, provide the necessary support, pay attention to details. 

    7. Be careful while choosing your date location

    Of course, it is not very likely that you and your wife will meet in a restaurant while you are on your date. But if you have a lot of acquaintances and live not in a big city, you are always facing the risk of meeting your friends, colleagues, and relatives during your date. Therefore, you should always consider the right time and appropriate place where nobody will witness your affair. Thus, avoid popular places as well as places where your friends, colleagues, and spouse hang out. Besides, you may go to a place that is far from the city center. 

    8. Find a reason to be absent 

    As long as being ‘busy with work’ does not seem realistic and reasonable enough, you will need to find a reason to be away from your spouse. Thereby, you need to come up with an activity that will reasonably guarantee you a solid alibi. Some activities that you may engage in are workouts in the gym, a volleyball class, going to the library. You can reasonably include such activities in your everyday routine; therefore, your partner will not find it suspicious if you are, so to say, out in the gym during a particular time frame. 

    9. Get yourself a separate messenger or email address

    One of the best ways not to get caught when you have an affair is to use a private messenger, a secret email address, or even another mobile number. Ensuring that you keep your marital life and affair separately will most likely increase the chances of successfully maintaining the secrecy.

    The bottom line

    Overall, once you decide to challenge yourself and get a lover, you need to be cautious about handling everything. Having an affair inevitably has its pros and cons, so you need to be aware of all the consequences. However, if you follow all the straightforward tips mentioned above, you are unlikely to give yourself away one day. 

    I'm Derrick Clifton, the editor and writer of dating blog. I'm a romantic at heart and I love writing about all things love, dating, and relationships. I hope you enjoy reading my blog and meeting new people!
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