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    Hail To Sites Like Bedpage. Only Alternatives, Which Are Worth It!
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    Hail To Sites Like Bedpage. Only Alternatives, Which Are Worth It!

    Hail To Sites Like Bedpage. Only Alternatives, Which Are Worth It!

    Sex traffic — let’s play trump from the start! Sex traffic is the main reason why popular sites like Bedpage and Bedpage exactly close their parts about dating and communication. Scammers and spammers use these sites to legally offer human prostitution. That’s why the industry of listing sites is in crisis. But here, you’ll find salvation, which solves your troubles with dating, hookups, and conversations.

    Right from this, you:

    1. Learn about how the Bedpage worked.
    2. Learn how to avoid sexual traffic and find real humans who want to spend time with you!
    3. Find the top of the best Backpage alternative sites.
    4. Learn about Craigslist personals are dead too.
    5. Get some helpful information about Bedpage alternatives websites in FAQ.

    And many other functional and attractive information about local classified ads. Prepare for a journey!

    How does the Bedpage look? Interface!

    Before we move to sites like Bedpage, let’s talk about what the classified ads site looks like. It’s an old-fashioned and very inconvenient site, which is:

    1. Separated for categories.
    2. Each category is divided into subcategories.
    3. Each subcategory contained topics.
    4. Each topic contains local ads.

    Of course, you can use some search filters in your local area to save money. But does this make it easy to use platform in the dating area? Of course not! It’s a previous age, and all the free classified ads are the worst in the new dating era! 

    So when you first visit the local classified site to get a date, you’d find that it is separated by categories and have three parts of the screen.

    1. Useless top part.
    2. The central part of all those multiple categories.
    3. Right and left panels with search filters.

    That’s all. And how will you search for a date among business ads? Who knows!

    Why did Bedpage close? One reason can destroy the world!

    Ok, there was not all the sad news. Inconvenience is just a part of Bedpage’s problems. The main problem is that the dating area with personal ads was transformed into a sex market, where buyers and sellers deal with girls for a night. And as you know, prostitution is prohibited in almost all countries. That’s why Bedpage was closed.

    Not all the Bedpage, but the most significant part, was full of classified advertisements with lonely MILFs, who knows what they want!

    What are the alternatives?

    There’re many listings with ads, like Backpage, Chatville, Kijiji, Geeboo, OLX, eBay, and Amazon. But’…

    Always that ‘but’ — it’s a painful word for everyone, and it doesn’t matter when it will be used. So what about that ‘but’? First, these sites do not allow you to date whoever, and we have some fantastic news for you!

    We have alternatives to the Bedpage, which are not a list of ads; they are fully oriented toward the dating and hookup industry, have nothing in common with sex traffic, and give you the possibility to hook up with some girls for the next night! Here they’re:

    So if you do not want to search for girls in a Facebook marketplace, let’s briefly overview each service provider company.

    Ashley Madison

    Ashley Madison — the first and the most important dating site. Here you shouldn’t search for girls among different categories because this site is only about men searching for girls and women searching for men.

    What instead of ad posting Ashley Madison offers you?

    1. Chat with lusted girls.
    2. Possibility to search for a proper partner for sexual adventures by advanced searching filters.
    3. Incredible security system.
    4. Not a subscription mode. Pay only if you need personal services.

    But the main thing is still the same. More than 50 million users are in the Ashley Madison database, and all of them are waiting for you.


    VictoriaMilan is very close to the Ashley Madison site, but with two little differences. The first of them is the interface. It’s pretty different, and you can find it less habitual but more convenient than in Ashley Madison.

    The second but still essential part of the VictoriaMilan is that there are different databases of users. Nobody who uses Ashley Madison does not use VictoriaMilan. So there’s no chance of being caught by your ex- in the VictoriaMilan.

    As the dating platform, here’s all maximally clear. After registration, you can send nude photos and dickpics to girls with a free account. And all we know is that the best own ad is a photoshopped dickpic! Use this site if you are bored of Madison’s sluts!


    BeNaughty is a less popular dating service, which does not provide you with various categories and search filters, but offers you a match game, which is very close to Tinder. You match girls who you’d like to fuck. They will like you, all are in pleasure! 

    If both match each other, the service connects you, and you can start a chat and then ask for a date. At least, it is much more convenient than starting a conversation with hookup lines!


    Gleeden is a small, fully anonymous club where you can find a fling partner without aftermath. You create an account and search for a partner. The service was created as an alternative to public dating sites like Tinder.

    It does not provide you with something special. All the classical:

    1. Match game.
    2. Searching filters.
    3. Chat.
    4. Possibility to watch nude photos.
    5. Opportunity to create an account with a fake name.
    6. Opportunity to get a video call.
    7. Chance to ask for contact data.

    All is pretty classical, but does it make Gleeden worth it? Of course, yes. Oh, we almost forgot to tell you. This site is free for girls and trannies!


    AdultFriendFinder — the site which can be your best social network. Better than Tinder, better than Facebook, better than Bedpage. Simply one of the best sites ever. It provides you with all the convenient services to hook up a partner.

    Million girls, million queers, and million hungry for a date people use this site every day. They have a fling on it, and nobody knows what happens after the hot messaging session!

    The Fling

    If you are looking for a new Backpage alternative, focus on the Fling. As with many others, it’s not a free classified ad area. But it’s a place where you can find a regular partner for a fling! Many girls are ready for regular sexual connections, absolutely free. Not only are you searching for a sexual adventure, but the world is also overloaded with lusty MILFs searching for someone like you.

    And you shouldn’t publish ads to find them, just register on the Fling and get them all at once!


    WellHello is not a place where you can post ads for free, but it’s a place with many sexual local artists. The main advantage is that WellHello, among all others, has its mobile application. The sad news is that Wellhello orients more for the USA daters than Europe or Asian daters. So if you are in the USA now, you can use this free platform. All you need is just create an account there. But if you are out of the States, we can recommend alternative websites!


    Fuckbook will be your friend, which gives you many business opportunities instead of other sites. Joke, of course not! We know that site looks like a place where you can rent real estate or place ads like on Facebook. But it’s a wrong impression.

    FuckBook is not a posting classified ads place. It’s an awesome social network:

    1. Without rules.
    2. Without points of pride.
    3. Without prejudices.

    You can find a partner here for a night even if you are queer or your tastes in sex are different than usual. There are no clear and fair services as in FuckBook. Habitual interface, subscription business model, and an amazing number of girls and boys who’re warm enough to get a date with you after some messages!


    Before we move to the conclusion and help you to find classified ads with girls who are worth your time, here is a short FAQ about those sites!

    Are these sites worth it?

    Yes, these sites are worth it, but there’s a nuance. We can argue all you want about the worthiness of free listing services, local services, and other sites. But the main is still the same. The free classified website, which is an alternative to Bedpage, worth it only if you find a partner who will warm you up tonight. So here, it is more about tastes than about quality.

    Are these sites free?

    Yes, these sites are free to register. All these sites, with local listings, offer you premium service for a subscription. Another way is free to access a site, but posting ads or sending and receiving messages will cost you some price!

    Are these sites legal?

    Yes, these sites are fully legal, but again a nuance. All these Bedpage alternative online marketplace sites offer you only social communications. No prostitution, no prohibited content, or something else. In some Muslim countries, buying farm equipment is more legal than serving online hookups, but if you are in the western world, you can legally use all the categories of these sites!

    Are these sites scams?

    No, these sites are not scams, but some people are scams! Not all people who post free ads are real people. So if you find suspicious ads posted, you can send a request to support these, similar to Backpage sites. As usual, they need time to check and approve the reality of the account, but by this, you can dodge all scams and spammers on sites similar to your favorite dating service!

    Do these classified ads site platforms provide you with mobile applications?

    No, not all these sites provide you with mobile applications. You can find local services that provide you with a free mobile application. But how do you think installing something on your phone is safe if you use it for adult services? It might be no!
    So, sites similar to the Bedpage website from our list do not provide you with a mobile application. But they provide you with a fully anonymous version of the site, which is perfectly optimized for your mobile device!

    Are these classified ads sites safe?

    Yes, all these sites, similar to digital markets, are fully safe! They care about the incognito status of each user, and almost all the people there use fake names. SSL certificates secure all the payment methods, so you don’t have to worry about your current partner in a relationship catching you while you are searching for alternatives.

    Are these alternatives connected to sex traffic?

    No, all of these Bedpage alternatives dodged sex traffic. It’s not a prostitute market. It’s a not classified ads site. They’re a common local dating area with some nuances. Yup, it’s much simpler to find a girl for a night there than for a serious relationship. But they’re not whores. They’re just lonely girls and MILFs, and you do not pay for sex!


    Today, people don’t use classified websites for dating services because the user interface of classified listing areas is inconvenient. Instead of eBay classifieds and other websites, people are searching all in the social networks or in sites that are close to social networks. 

    Dating free platform is just one of the allowed ways to get a date or get laid. They provide you similar service, but not completely free. Be on the edge of the industry, and never post free ads again to communicate with other people. On the current internet, you have many different ways to do this!

    I'm Derrick Clifton, the editor and writer of dating blog. I'm a romantic at heart and I love writing about all things love, dating, and relationships. I hope you enjoy reading my blog and meeting new people!
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